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Archive of Fishermen's News Monthly Columns

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PCFFA maintains a monthly column in Fishermen's News, the most widely read as well as the oldest publication in the west coast commercial fishing industry. In that column PCFFA deals with resource protection and policy issues of great importance to the fishing industry, as well as with critical Congressional issues which affect us all. For a copy of the articles below, just click on the appropriate link -- you can then print them out on your browser. And please subscribe to and support Fishermen's News, which also is online. Take part in shaping the future of your fishery! Go visit their web site and become a subscriber!

NOAA's War on Fisheries (January, 2015)

Rethinking Fisheries Management: Why Fisheries Management Fails (December, 2014)

Are Fishing Communities Destined to Become Company Towns? (November, 2014)

Independence Requires Organization (October, 2014)

Fishing: It's More Than Just Catching Fish (September, 2014)

Whose Ocean? (August, 2014)

Confessions of a Worried Man (July, 2014)

Faux Conservation -- Look Behind the Label (June, 2014)

Reflections on a Shallow World Ocean Summit (May, 2014)

Saving Salmon from Drought (April, 2014)

GMOs - "Frankenfish" Just One of the Problems (March, 2014)

Four Fixes for Magnuson-Stevens (February, 2014)

Stand Your Ground (January, 2014)

Government Shutdown: The Default is No Fishing (December, 2013)

It All Depends: Responding to the Issues of Our Times (November, 2013)

Oversee the List Makers and Fish Certifiers (October, 2013)

Senate Progress on Fishery Funding Front (September, 2013)

The Fate of the San Joaquin River (August, 2013)

MONF3 -- Show Me the Money! (July, 2013)

National Ocean Policy: Plan, Schedule, But No Muscle (June, 2013)

Fixing Magnuson -- Again (May, 2013)

The California Coastal Fall Chinook Conundrum (April, 2013)

Congress Must Act to Restore the Klamath (March, 2013)

Saving Our Fishing Ports (January, 2013)

Fisheries Agenda 2013 -- Part II (December, 2012)

Fisheries Agenda 2013 -- Part I (November, 2013)

Grand Theft Water -- Part II (October, 2012)

Grand Theft Water -- Part I (September, 2012)

A Fishery Declaration of Independence: Get NMFS Out of NOAA (July, 2012)

Managing Fisheries - What Needs Fixing, What Doesn't (June, 2012)

Rethinking Ocean Planning and Policy (May, 2012)

NOAA Abandoning Stewardship (April, 2012)

No Time for Retreat (February, 2012)

Agenda 2012: Seven Issues for the Fishing Industry to Pursue in the New Year (December, 2011)

Job Creation for America's Fisheries: An Open Letter to President Obama (November, 2011)

We Can and Must Do Better: No Time for Mediocre Fishery Management (October, 2011)

Seafood for Tomorrow: Sustainability and the Rise of US Aquaculture (September, 2011)

Revisiting Fishery Research Funding (August, 2011)

Protecting Salmon From Pesticides (July, 2011)

Fisherman Takes on Corporate Farmers (June, 2011)

Time for a National Fishery Trust Fund (May, 2011

The Federal Budget & the War on Fisheries (April, 2011)

State of the Fisheries 2011 (March, 2011)

Truth and Competence (February, 2011)

NOAA and Catch Shares: Policy or Platitudes? (January, 2011)

What Fisheries Might Expect in the New Congress (December, 2010)

Saving Coastal Jobs (S. 3528; H.R. 4914) (November, 2010)

The California Sustainable Seafood Initiative (October, 2010)

Strongly Ambivalent -- The Oceans Executive Order (September, 2010)

The Gulf Oil Gusher -- Moving Beyond Tears, Anger & Acquiesence (August, 2010)

The Klamath Settlement: Hope for West Coast Salmon Fishermen (July, 2010)

Health Care, Finally! (June, 2010)

Drilling Here, Drilling There: Pacific Offshore Drilling Plans (May, 2010)

Congressional Testimony of Larry Collins: Perspectives on California's Water Supply (April, 2010)

From Anger to an Agenda: It's Time to Get Smart (March, 2010)

Ocean Acidification Erodes Your Future (February, 2010)

Fish for Thought: Fisheries in the Food Chain -- Two Part Series (December, 2009 & January, 2010)

National Ocean Policy and Our Fisheries (November, 2009)

"King Salmon vs. King Cotton" -- Agribusiness Attacks Fishing Communities (October, 2009)

Making Catch Shares Work (September, 2009)

And the Big Fool Said "March On": Groundfish and the Fate of Coastal Fishing Communities (August, 2009)

Aquaculture: Look to the Land (July, 2009)

The Big Story on Groundfish (June, 2009)

Stark Choices Facing Salmon in California's Central Valley (May, 2009)

The Threat to Fisheries of Offshore Oil Development Remains (April, 2009)

Community Fishing Associations: A New Way Forward (March, 2009)

"It's My Ocean, Dude!" -- Saving Our Seas (February, 2009)

Thinking About Tomorrow: Creating a Vision of Future Fisheries (January, 2009)

Change for the Better: An Agenda for the New Administration and Congress (December, 2008)

Offshore Oil Drilling -- It's Back (November, 2008)

Crumbling Fisheries Infrastructure (October, 2008)

Scams, Swindles and Boondoggles Targetting the Fishing Industry (September, 2008)

Salmon: Surviving a Hotter and Drier Future (August, 2008)

Independence Lost: ITQ and Privatization May Be Deadly To Fishermen (July, 2008)

No River Left Behind: Why Every Salmon River Is Important (June, 2008)

Take Action In Response to the Salmon Closure (May, 2008)

A Salmon Strategy for Survival: Preserving the Fleet and Recovering the Fish (April, 2008)

Bill to Reinstate Fishermen's Health Care Introduced (March, 2008)

Preparing for Change: The Audacity of Our Hope for Better Fisheries (February, 2008)

The Spill Next Time: Lessons for Fishermen from the Cosco Busan Oil Spill (January, 2008)

A Salmon Extinction Plan for the Columbia River (December, 2007)

Living the Reality of "Marine Protected Areas": Ideologues Run Amok in California's MLPA Process (November, 2007)

Marine Protected Areas: Taking a Closer Look (October, 2007)

Choices: Groundfish, Which Direction? (September, 2007)

Oceans 21: Legislating Recommendations from the Two Oceans Commissions (August, 2007)

Fish Gotta Swim: New Water Projects Threaten Anadromous and Estuarine-Dependent Fisheries (July, 2007)

Renewable Energy Opportunities and Issues on the Continental Shelf (Congressional Testimony 4/24/07) (June, 2007)

Remembering Nat Bingham: His Work is Even More Relevant Today (May, 2007)

Beyond Magnuson-Stevens: Forging New Alliance in the Quest for Sustainable Fisheries (April, 2007)

Global Climate Change and the Fishing Industry: What It Means and How to Adapt? (March, 2007)

MPAs and Marine Reserves: Real Marine Conservation or Ecosystem Protection Fraud? (February, 2007)

A Quick Fisheries Update for the New Year (January, 2007)

A Fishing Christmas List: All We Want from Congress is.... (December, 2006)

Taking Down the Klamath Dams-Restoring Fisheries (November, 2006)

Conservation Lite: Much of What is Being Called Marine Conservation Today is Fluff. (October, 2006)

Scientific Advancements Could Revolutionize Fishery Management (September, 2006)

Celebrating Fifty Years of Fishermen's Salmon Restoration Activism (August, 2006)

It's Time for Health Care for Fishermen (July, 2006)

Will Fishermen Be Losers In This MSA Reauthorization Round? (June, 2006)

Striking Back: Saving Wild Salmon and Salmon Fisheries Means Acting Now (May, 2006)

"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night...." -- Defending Our Right to Have Fish (April, 2006)

The Bush Administration Outlines News Salmon Policy: Save Dams, Shut Down Fisheries (March, 2006)

A Status Review On The Ocean Commissions: In Nearly Two Years, Little Action (February, 2006)

The Commercial Fishermen of American: Finally We Have A Voice (January, 2006)

Finally, An MSA Reauthorization Bill! (December, 2005)

Crab-What a Mess! (November, 2005)

Preparing For The Disaster Next Time (October, 2005)

Magnuson-Stevens Reauthorization After All These Years? (September, 2005)

Analyzing the Administration's Ocean Fish Farming Legislation (August, 2005)

The Million Pound Salmon Season -- Remembering the Summer of '55 (July, 2005)

Action Alert: Rivers Need Help Now to Save Fisheries (June, 2005)

Managing or Mismanaging the Nation's Fisheries? (May, 2005)

Can't Fish Salmon? Federal Klamath Water Policies Are to Blame (April, 2005)

Effectively Communicating Aquaculture's Threat (March, 2005)

A Fisheries Agenda for the 109th Congress (February, 2005)

The Time Is Now: Founding a National Fishermen's Organization (January, 2005)

Thoughts on Fishery Management Reform and the Fishing Industry's Role (Dec., 2004)

Fishing for Foolishness: Fisheries' Constant Irritants (Nov., 2004)

Proposed Columbia Salmon Plan Protects Dams, Imperils Salmon (Oct., 2004)

An Admonition: Structural Changes No Substitute for Competence and Leadership (Sept., 2004)

A Fishermen's Perspective on Sustainable Fisheries and the Ocean Agenda (August, 2004)

Why the Columbia River Matters to West Coast Fishermen (July, 2004)

Speaking Truth To Power: The Administrations Abysmal Fisheries Record (June, 2004)

U.S. Oceans Commissions Recommendations: The Good and the Bad (May, 2004)

Adapting Fisheries to Global Climate Change (April, 2004)

Is Our Government Outsourcing Fishermen's Jobs? (March, 2004)

Of Mad Cows, Frankenfish, POPs and Fat Folks (February, 2004)

Fish Farmers and Fishermen (January, 2004)

Defining and Achieving Sustainability (December, 2003)

Working in the Trenches to Save the Last Wild Russian River Coho (November, 2003)

Fishermen Make A Stand At Cancun: The Puerto Morelos Declaration (October, 2003)

Dead Skunks and Yellow Stripes (September, 2003)

Planning and Paying for Future Fisheries Research (August, 2003)

Institute for Fisheries Resources: The Fishermen's Conservation Organization (July, 2003)

A New Look at Managing Oceans, Fisheries (June, 2003)

A Pacific Rim Strategy for Wild Salmon (May, 2003)

Trade Decisions Could Transform Fisheries (April, 2003)

Going Beyond Fish Eco-labeling: Is It Time for Fair-Trade Certification? (March, 2003)

Other Fisheries, Other Places: Challenges and Solutions (February, 2003)

What to Push For and Watch Out For in the 108th Congress (January, 2003)

Aquaculture's Next Wave Threatens to Swamp Commercial Fisheries(December, 2002)

Can't We Just Get Along? Finding an Accord on IFQs (November, 2002)

A Fisheries Perspective on the Role of Aquariums in Marine Education & Advocacy (October, 2002)

Why Hanford Matters to Fishermen: Avoiding a Radioactive Columbia River(September, 2002)

Is It Time to Replace the Fishery Management Council System? (August, 2002)

Which Side Are You On Boys? IFQs Could Turn Fishermen Into Sharecroppers (July 2002)

Not Fish Friendly: The WTO's New Doha Agenda for Fisheries (April, 2002)

Informational Seafood Labeling (December, 2001)

World Fisheries Day - 21 November: Why It's Important This Year (November, 2001)

No More Silence (September, 2001)

Why the Klamath Basin Matters to Fishermen (August, 2001)

Buying Back a Mortgaged Future: Water & Groundfish Permit Buybacks (June, 2001)

Vision for Sustainable Fisheries (April, 2001)

Getting By With a Little Help from our Friends: 10 Things for the 107th Congress to Do (Mar., 2001)

Five Initiatives for 2001: A Fisheries Agenda for the Upcoming Year (Feb., 2001)

The Essential Collaboration: Protecting Marine Resources Through Scientist-Fishermen Cooperation (Jan., 2001)

Charting a Path Through an Uncertain Future: Lessons from Our History (Dec., 2000)

The World Forum of Fish-Harvesters & Fishworkers Conferenece in Loctudy, October, 2000 (Nov., 2000)

Elections 2000: Vote Because Your Industry Depends On It (October, 2000)

Squandered Opportunities: Our Fisheries Cannot Take Another 30 Years of Neglect (Sept., 2000)

Rethinking Fisheries Management: Why Fisheries Management Fails (August, 2000)

Keeping a Weather Eye on Congress: Bills Affecting Fishermen in the 106th Congress (July, 2000)

The Precautionary Principle: Making It Work for Fish and Fishermen (June, 2000)

Conservation's Third Movement: The Role for Fishermen and Farmers in Environmental Protection (May, 2000)

Fisheries Co-Management: Empowerment and Responsibility for Fishermen (April, 2000)

Agenda 2000: What Fishermen Need To Do This Decade (January, 2000)

Millennium Madness: Resolutions to Make Fisheries 'Y2K Compliant' (December, 1999)

The World Trade Organization (WTO): Flying Beneath Fishermen's Radar (November, 1999)

Why Forests Matter to Fishermen: Forestry Reforms Needed to Protect Our Resource (October, 1999)

Organizing Globally and Acting Locally: The World Forum of Fish Harvesters & Fishworkers (September, 1999)

Ending the Era of Big Dams: Why Some Dams Must Go (August, 1999)

Restoring Land and Water Conservation Funds: Resource 2000 and Beyond (July, 1999)

Professionalizing Our Industry: Excerpts from an Address of Pietro Parravano, President of PCFFA, to the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters, Conference on Professionalization (June, 1999)

Hanford Reach Protection a No-Brainer (May, 1999)

Greener than the Greens: Why the Economic Interests of Fishermen Make Them More Environmentalist than Environmental Groups (April, 1999)

Industry Driven Changes and Policy Responses (March, 1999)

Marine Reserves: Friend or Foe? (February, 1999)

The Unfinished Agenda in Congress (January, 1999)

Winding Up the 105th Congress: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (December, 1998)

Voting As If Your Industry Depended On It: How to Elect Fishing-Friendly Public Officials (October, 1998)

An Unfinished Agenda: Congressional Issues to Address Before Winding Down (September, 1998)

Its Congressional Rider Time Again! - Stealth Provisions Jeopardize Salmon Recover, Threaten Fish Habitat (August, 1998)

Your Water Future is Now -- Water and the Future of California Fisheries (July, 1998)

The National Oceans Conference: Keeping the Promises (July, 1998)

Why Habitat Matters - A Tribute to Nat Bingham (June, 1998)

Saving Dams by Killing Fish: Congressmen Battling to Save Killer Dams (May, 1998)

Congress Takes Another Crack at the ESA: Two Competing Bills March Forward (March, 1998)

Saving the Hanford Reach: The Last Free-Running Streatch of the River is Critical for Salmon (February, 1998)

Why Global Warming Matters (January, 1998)

105th Congress Ends First Session: Wins, Losses and Upcoming Battles for our Industry (December, 1997)

Endangered Species Act Fight Heats Up in Congress (November, 1997)

The Battle Over the Columbia (October, 1997)

How to Make a Difference in Congress: Simple Things Fishermen Can Do to Protect Our Industry (September, 1997)

The Water Wars in Congress: More Congressional Attacks on Water Flows for Fish Loom in Future (August, 1997)

Four Congressional Good Ideas: Reform Measures to Back in the 105th (July, 1997)

Flooding Out the ESA: Efforts to Roll Back Western Water Reform Defeated (June, 1997)

Coastal Cleanup Funds on Chopping Block Again: Resource Damage Assessment Program at Risk (May, 1997)

Coho Listing Looming: Fishermen and the ESA (April, 1997)

Budget Fight Shapes Up Over NOAA Funding (March, 1997)

Key Players of the 105th Congress (February, 1997)

California Coho Joins ESA List (December, 1996)

Shades of Things to Come: What to Expect from the 105th Congress (December, 1996)

The 104th Scorecard: The Wins, the Losses and the Losses that were Wins (November, 1996)

Do Not Go Gentle .... Some Tips on Getting Organized and Kicking Back (September, 1996)

Dismantling NOAA: Key Fisheries Programs Cut by Congress (August, 1996)

Congress Cuts Coastal Cleanup Funds: Oil Spil Restoration Funds on the Chopping Block (July, 1996)

Raiding the Cookie Jar: Congress Swipes Land and Water Conservation Funds (June, 1996)

The Fishermen's Manifesto (May, 1996)

Hanging Together: Steps toward Industry Unity (April, 1996)

Fishermen Get Shafted by the 'Salvage' Rider (March, 1996)

Organizing On the Internet: Efforts to Organize Fishermen in Cyberspace (February, 1996)

A Conservative Agenda for Protecting Fisheries (January, 1996)

A Fishermen's Agenda for the Endangered Species Act (December, 1995)

Congress vs. the Environment (November, 1995)

Where the Birds Are: PCFFA's New Seabird Bycatch Reduction Program (October, 1995)

The Fraud of 'Takings' Legislation (September, 1995)

Wetlands Mean Fish, Fish Mean Money: PCFFA Congressional Testimony on the Economic Importance of Wetlands to our Industry (August, 1995)

ESA Update: Congress Chooses Sides (July, 1995)

Dirty Water: The Importance of the Clean Water Act (June, 1995)

Why Does Public Opinion Turn Against Fishermen? And What We Can Do About it (May, 1995)

Dismantling the Endangered Species Act (ESA) (April, 1995)

Salmon Declines as a Crisis in Culture (March, 1995)

Legislative Review: Oregon Legislature Declares War on Natural Resources Protection (February, 1995)

Why Fishermen Need the Endangered Species Act (January, 1995)

Endangered Species Listing Imminent for West Coast Coho: NMFS Inaction Forces the Issue (December, 1994)

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